Brian Dietrich – Account Manager

Brian is responsible for bringing your project to life. He’s the man behind the curtain, making sure all deadlines are hit on time and that you are 1000% satisfied with the results. Brian is always willing and eager to make your idea a reality.


  • LaSalle University, Marketing and Risk Management Degree
  • Project Management
  • Pretty awesome with PowerPoint
  • Making the impossible possible (or die trying)

Under a tight deadline, Brian listens to:

Christmas tunes because come on, who can possibly feel stressed out listening to Christmas tunes!? However, if the deadline is a little loose, you’ll mostly hear Preston and Steve or Sports Talk Radio coming from this office.

Surprising skills:

Besides being the top rated athlete in Philadelphia (in this one recurring dream he has), Brian is pretty good in the kitchen.

Favorite vacation destination:

Anywhere that isn’t work! If he had to pick, Disney for a week of fun and adventure followed by a week on the beach to unwind from the excitement!


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