Crane’s New Year’s Resolutions

December 28, 2015
Crane Communications

People must reflect and reinvent themselves in order to change, grow, and progress. Oftentimes, this process happens at the end of each year because it is an opportune time for reflection and reinvention to take place. People must resolve to set goals and make efforts to do better in order to be better, and businesses function the same way. We want to share our sincerest New Year’s Resolutions to motivate and ignite change within ourselves and to inspire people and businesses to do the same.

Brian – I resolve to be more active, promote a healthier lifestyle, and to save as much money as possible for my upcoming wedding.

Connie – My resolution is to run a 1/2 marathon in 2016. I ran one in 2015, and I’m hot to try one again!

Dana – Due to the nature of my profession I’m on the computer a lot. My resolution for 2016 is to spend less time online when I’m not working- specifically, less time on social media!!!

Jessica – Moving into 2016, my resolution is to continue to better myself as a whole. With my first baby due in March, I am determined to push myself to be the best mother that I can be by worrying less about the little things, which I cannot control, by practicing patience, and by continuously reminding myself to enjoy each and every small moment. In years to come, I may find that those small moments were actually the biggest and best moments of my life! 🙂

Karen – In 2015, I resolved to get organized. Now that I have accomplished that goal, I must resolve to stay organized!

Lisa – It’s that time again to make the typical promises to myself to eat healthier, exercise more, lose that stubborn 30 pounds… all the typical resolutions. This year, I don’t want to disappoint myself, so I’m resolving to do the best I can, to care more for others, and to respect the opinions of others. And of course I’ll try to be healthier, exercise more, be more organized, and clean out my back room before 2016 is over! Really…

Olivia – I resolve to work on myself by practicing self-reflection, acknowledging my accomplishments without neglecting what else needs to be done, figuring out what else I want from life, and having an open mind and remembering that my way is not the only way.

Rachael – In 2016, I resolve to give my undivided attention to goals that I have neglected in the past. I need to tie up loose ends and finish old projects, especially musical ones. My aim is to make 2016 a year of accomplishment in which I exceed even my own expectations.


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