How To Stay Energized At Work

January 22, 2016
Crane Communications

How To Stay Energized at Work

With the holidays behind us, it’s easy to lose motivation and energy, especially at work. There’s not much to look forward to for the next few months, our daily routines are slowly going back to normal, and it’s dark and frigid outside for a lot of us, so venturing outside is not an option. Unfortunately, we can’t invent new holidays or change the weather, but we can do little things to keep us energized through the long winter months while we wait for spring!

  • Eat breakfast! You cannot expect to be at the top of your game if your body doesn’t have any fuel!
  • Cut back on the coffee! We’re all tired, but loading up on caffeine is going to make you feel jittery and leave you feeling exhausted post-crash.
  • Make lists! This will keep you organized and focused on your work. Also, you will feel accomplished every time you cross something off.
  • Move your body! Being in one place for roughly eight hours will leave anyone feeling bored and groggy, so stretch, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do jumping jacks, etc. The more movement you introduce into your daily routine, the more energetic you’ll feel.
  • Listen to a new style of music! Listening to the same songs or artists, even if they’re your favorites, on repeat can put you in a daze. Instead, listen to a new artist or to a new genre entirely. Classical music keeps us engaged and sharpens our attention to detail.
  • Give yourself a break! You know the difference between feeling sluggish and tired and being overworked and exhausted. Listen to your body, and rest when you need to!

We hope these tips help you stay motivated during these dark months! If you have other tips to stay energized at work, let us know in the comment section. We’ll take all the help we can get! Stay focused, and remember- spring is only a few weeks away!

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