Karen Crane – President & CEO

Karen is the visionary of CCI. Without exaggeration, she’s been preparing for this business since she was 3 years old. While the rest of the kids on the block were playing Dodge Ball and King of the Hill, Karen created her own office in the family basement! Now, she uses her vision to solve client’s problems and capitalize on their opportunities.


  • Experience is the best teacher, and Karen learned from the best. First, at Reimel Carter Advertising Agency for 5 years, learning all facets of the business but specialized in media planning and buying.
  • Broke into national sales as a rep. for Eastman Radio/Katz Media of New York representing hundred of radio stations across the U.S. plus professional and collegiate sports properties for over 10 years and climbed the ranks to VP Sales Eastman at the Radio Philadelphia office.
  • Launched CCI in 1994.

Under a tight deadline, Karen listens to:

TV! ABC, CNN, anything that doesn’t require her to actually watch. The girl is a news junky. However, when the deadline is met, she enjoys soft rock and show tunes, much to the chagrin of her family and staff. 😉

Surprising skills:

Drove a 3 wheeler dirt bike (before they were outlawed) on a muddy track and was the only one not to get dirty. But now prefers golf carts. Luckily, she lives on a golf course!

Favorite vacation destination:

Riviera Maya, Cancun, Mexico! She loves the Mayans, and they love her back. And if the Mayan calendar is right, she hopes she’s there when the world ends.

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