Lisa Dietrich – Executive Vice President & COO

On day 1, Karen Crane created Crane Communications. On Day 2, Karen created Lisa Dietrich. Lisa is the glue that keeps it and everyone all together at CCI. With strong communication and project management skills, Lisa oversees the Crane team on strategies and day-to-day procedures and is the primary contact between agencies and clients on operational issues.


  • 25 year advertising veteran including Agency Account Management at Reimel Carter Advertising, Philadelphia, PA
  • Joined Crane Communications in 1995
  • Primary liaison between agency and client on operational issues
  • She’s a better communicator than Ronald Reagan… If you understand that one, you deserve a pat on the back. Go ahead! Nobody is looking.

Under a tight deadline, Lisa listens to:

Today’s dance music…if looking to be most productive. Something about a quick beat that gets you movin’ and shakin’! But you’d be surprised at how varied her music palette is…from Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole to Duffy, Katy Perry, Beyonce, The Beatles, Queen and Pitbull! It’s like her ability to multi-task…everywhere across the board but putting it all together. Just don’t be scared if you see her breakdancing in her office!

Surprising skills:

Loves to cook for family and friends and has been known to host a mean party. Is a multi-tasker and surprisingly enough gets it all done! Also loves animals and vows to volunteer on a regular basis at a local animal shelter during the retirement years…if that ever really happens. So if you’re looking to rid yourself of a stray dog, she’s been known to take in a few.

Favorite vacation destination:

Anywhere that is warm with a beach and those yummy drinks with the little umbrellas!

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