Why Millennials Love Snapchat!


Why Millennials Love Snapchat

Since its creation in 2011, Snapchat has become a social phenomenon. With 100 million active users and counting (Chris Snider), Snapchat has beat out Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, to become the United States’ second-favorite social network- Facebook is still the reigning king- (Edison Research). However, what truly defines Snapchat as a successful social platform is its popularity among Americans 12-24 years old (Edison Research). This coveted segment of the market is typically disinterested and distracted. However, Snapchat has managed to capture and keep their attention, and we have compiled a list of reasons how.



Snapchat’s story feature allows users to spend a day or a moment in someone else’s shoes. It gives people the opportunity to experience music festivals, university move-in days, and other events they couldn’t possibly attend otherwise.

Content Disappears

Snapchat takes the pressure off of being 100% in love with what you post on social media because it automatically deletes it after 24 hours. This routine disappearance shifts the focus away from appearance and towards genuinely living in the moment.


There’s an app for everything, and with Snapchat, there’s a filter for everything too! Filters range from geographical tags to voice and facial changers. These fun, wacky filters refresh the practice of taking pictures and selfies!


Thanks, Snapchat for telling us it’s okay to be goofy while looking unpolished yet authentic in a world that deems it inappropriate and unnecessary. It is necessary.


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