Super Bowl 50 Commercials


Super Bowl 50

This Sunday marked Super Bowl 50, and while some remembered previous winners, most remembered the commercials. We were the latter of two. As we reviewed Super Bowl commercials of the past, we realized that these 30-second spots were more than simple advertisements; they were definitions and reflections of their time. With that said, we’ve evaluated Super Bowl 50’s commercials to discover how the current advertisements describe us (and yes, to pick our favorites too). Let the games begin!

We were pleasantly surprised and impressed that sex sells was not a theme of Super Bowl 50’s advertisements. However, animals, fitness, and, of course, humor were reoccurring themes, and made for memorable advertising when executed correctly. Here are our top picks!


  • Doritos’ “Doritos Dogs”
  • Heinz “Weiner Stampede”


  • Fitbit’s “Fitbit Blaze”
  • Michelob Ultra’s “Breathe”


  • Bud Light’s “Bud Light Party”
  • Hyundai’s “First Date”

Personal Favorite

  • Axe’s “Find Your Magic”

What do these commercials convey about the time we’re living in? Well, it clearly communicates that the focus is slowly shifting away from the typical “sex sells” to themes that are meaningful such as bettering oneself (fitness) and themes that evoke feel good emotions, which make us laugh (animals and humor). In addition to these, our personal favorite Super Bowl commercial, Axe’s “Find Your Magic,” showed men of different ages, races, and interests honing what they have instead of trying to be someone they’re not. This ad truly describes the changes that are happening as more people embrace themselves, their capabilities, and what makes them unique. Overall, the Super Bowl 50 ads express that we are heading in the right direction toward healthy bodies and minds and acceptance of others and ourselves.

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