Women in Advertising!


Over the years, women have carved their place in traditionally male-dominated industries like politics, science, and advertising. So, has the advertising industry changed its view on women, or have women made great strides in the advertising industry? To some degree, it’s both. However, the latter is the true champion of women’s advancement in this industry. Before, the only jobs available to women in advertising were secretaries and models, but now, women can climb the corporate ladder to become directors, designers, executives, and CEOs. However, we don’t want to give the impression that women have reached the pinnacle of success in this industry. Women still have a serious battle ahead of them (equal pay, equal representation, objectification, etc.), but on the last day of Women’s History Month, we want to pay tribute to all of the women of advertising- past, present, and future. Their contributions are priceless.


Angelina Vieira Barocas – Managing Director, Partner at Mother

Emma Cookson – Partner You & Mr. Jones

Lisa Utzschneider – Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo

Sandra Sims-Williams – Chief Diversity Officer at the Publicis Groupe

Karen Crane – Founder & CEO of Crane Communications, Inc.


(All are welcome to add to our list in the comments below!)

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